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Dream On lyrics


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     Dream On
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        Can you feel a little love?

    As your bony fingers close around me
    Long and spindly
    Death becomes me
    Heaven can you see what I see
    Hey you pale and sickly child
    You're death and living reconciled
    Been walking home a crooked mile
    Paying debt to karma
    You party for a living
    What you take won't kill you
    But careful what you're giving

    Can you feel a little love

    Dream on dream on
    There's no time for hesitating
    Pain is ready, pain is waiting
    Primed to do it's educating
    Unwanted, uninvited kin
    It creeps beneath your crawling skin
    It lives without it lives within you
    Feel the fever coming
    You're shaking and twitching
    You can scratch all over
    But that won't stop you itching

    Blame it on your karmic curse
    Oh shame upon the universe
    It knows its lines
    It's well rehearsed
    It sucked you in, it dragged you down
    To where there is no hallowed ground
    Where holiness is never found
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